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Gold Lacquer P Mauriat Custom Class Soprano Sax w/ 2 Detachable Necks

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Product ID: PMCustomGLSop


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very early series P Mauriat “Custom Class” soprano sax in traditional gold lacquer. This is the first soprano model offered by P Mauriat, featuring both straight and curved detachable necks, and keywork to high F#. As you can see in the photos, this horn is in exquisite original condition, with minimal lacquer wear. It is a great little player for the professional saxophonist on a budget.


This horn looks fantastic, with 99.9% original lacquer intact. It honestly looks to have seen very little playing over its life. Pads are still in like-new condition, with no wear-and-tear associated with normal use. The sax will get a fresh cleaning and regulation from our repair shop before shipping, and it will come to you in perfect adjustment.


This soprano plays with a clear and robust sound, very open and responsive. I find it to be an extremely emotive and resonant instrument, with a lot of edge in its tone that cuts well. It's a great horn for modern contemporary players looking for a sound with bite. Ships in its original case.