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Fully Overhauled Pearl Side Key King Super 20 Tenor Sax - Serial # 339569

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Product ID: 339569Super20Tenor


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This is an awesome 1954 vintage King Super 20 tenor sax, serial number 339569. This tenor features mother-of-pearl on many of the key touches, as well as sunburst style engraving on the low B and Bb key cups, and the original double socket sterling silver neck. This tenor was just lovingly restored in the Saxquest repair shop by Josh Creekmore, and is ready for a new lease on life.


This Super 20 was relacquered long ago, but as you can see in the photos, it was done extremely well. The only real tell is the lacquer color is just a hair brighter than what an original would be. The engraving is absolutely perfect, with the floral pattern extending down throughout the bell. Physically, the horn is very straight. The only past repair work is some minor dings removed from the bottom bow. The bow cap is still perfect, and there's no other dent work anywhere. Just one resoldered joint, on one foot of the low C keyguard. It still has its original neck as mentioned, with the underslung octave key and matching serial number. The neck fits in the horn tight, with no “slop” side to side or front to back.


This tenor was overhauled in our shop using premium firm leather pads and oversized, slightly domed seamless metal resonators. All material was replaced, using the finest synthetic material, and we also replaced all of the springs. Key heights have been finely adjusted up and down, and the horn feels like butter under your fingers, with a nice “pop” from the firm leather pads.


There's nothing like a good Super 20 that has been regulated by a shop that knows how to work on these horns. This horn's voice is full and powerful, with a bit of spread that fills out a big room nicely. The sound just leaps out of the bell. Having said all that, this tenor has a lot of depth and color too, and it is definitely not a one trick pony kind of horn. Great all around tenor.