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Freshly Restored Selmer '5 Digit' Mark VI Tenor Sax - Serial # 64579

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Product ID: 64579MarkVITenor

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Original Early 5 Digit VI in New Pads

This is a 1956 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax with American style engraving, serial number 64579. This is a classic early "5 digit" Mark VI and is one heck of a player! Although it not pretty to look at, the lacquer is original. 


When we got this horn, it had been sitting for a number of years if a wet environment. Though it had never been under water, meaning the mechanisms hadn't been affected, the lacquer unfortunately became very spotty, giving it that mottled look you see in the photos. All of that is purely cosmetic, and the horn plays great. During our overhaul, we oiled all keys and mechanisms, and the horn is in perfect adjustment. It has been completely repadded, while retaining the original metal screwback resonators. The sax still has its original neck, with the matching serial number and has never been bent or damaged.


This tenor plays on the warmer side for sure, has an overall darker characteristic to its tone and seems to resonate quite freely. If you've been looking for a warm sounding tenor with a fat response and an easy, free blowing quality to it, this could be the right horn for you. It has a really big bottom end and a classic "warm jazz" kind of sound.