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Freshly Restored, Original Lacquer Conn 28M 'Connstellation' Alto Sax - Serial # 341887

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This is a sweet 1951 vintage Conn 28M “Connstellation” model alto sax, serial number 341887. It has never been said that Conn rested on the laurels; they were always innovating and unafraid to try new things. Even as the company was struggling after World War II, the 28M shows that they were willing to takes risks and make design choices that you won't see on any other instrument.


As you can see in the photos, this horn looks fantastic. This is a true original lacquer 28M, and is complete with original plastic keyguard. You just don't see this very often! The lacquer shows nominal wear but is still overall in solid shape. Best yet, there are no signs of past dent work or repair. This horn is as clean and straight as you'll find. There is one tiny, shallow dent in the bottom bow cap/guard (so shallow that I couldn't get it to show up in photos!). Our tech estimated it would do more harm trying to remove it, so he left it alone. The original plastic keyguard has one crack at the bottom but otherwise excellent. The original neck (with underslung octave key and double socket receiver) has never been pulled down.


This alto was just completely restored in the Saxquest repair shop by Josh Creekmore, using Valentino Pro leather pads and flat metal resonators. All material has been replaced and the keywork precisely regulated. The action is smooth under your fingers. Even the table keys, which can be troublesome to regulate properly on this model, are as good as you'll find.


This model was only produced for 2 years, as Conn was hurting financially at the time. As such, it is one of the more rare Conn saxes you'll see. This pristine example would make a great centerpiece for many collections, but it plays sweet too for any serious player. It has a warm, slightly spread tone and good flexibility to its core, allowing the player to bend and shape notes at will. Ships in its original hard case.