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Freshly Restored CG Conn Chu Berry Alto Sax in Original GOLD PLATE - Serial # 197500

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Product ID: 197500ConnAlto


HELP, I Want One!

All New Pads, Beautiful Condition

This is an absolutely gorgeous, freshly restored C.G. Conn “Chu Berry” model alto sax, serial number 197500. This horn was just overhauled in the Saxquest repair shop by Josh Creekmore and is in exquisite shape, and is a fine player too.


This alto looks fantastic. The original gold plating is a solid 90+% intact, with only minor finish wear, mostly on the touch points as seen in the photos. The sax previously had a minor ding or two which have been professionally removed, and is currently dent free. This model features a trill G#, rolled tone holes (which have never been filed on), fingernail file G# key, and microtuner neck. The tuner mechanism on the neck moves freely and the neck itself has never been pulled down.


We treated this horn right during the repad, using firm leather pads and oversized seamless metal resonators. It has been set up as a Conn from this vintage should, with a fairly light spring action and medium-open key heights. It feels like butter under your fingers.


Too often these days, these classic American horns are ignored for “the newest thing.” That would be a mistake, because this is a hell of a good player. Lightning quick response, open feeling but with a lot of warmth and color in its tone, this is a tremendous sax that can be had without breaking the bank.