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Freshly Repadded Buffet Paris R13 Series Bb Clarinet - Serial # 293145

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Product ID: 293145BuffetBbR13


HELP, I Want One!

Buffet R13
This is a very nice Buffet Crampon Paris R13 series Bb clarinet, serial number 293145. This instrument has been professionally played and maintained for its entire life, and is ready for a new owner to cherish. It was just freshly serviced in our shop by Audrey Denny and ships in perfect playing condition. The overhaul included disassemble, cleaning, key fitting and regulation. It now is set-up with new cork pads in the upper joint and leather pads in the lower joint. All of the cork and felt work is also brand new. 
The clarinet shows no previous cracks or crack repairs, and was obviously well cared for. There's some minor finish wear on the usual points, but all purely cosmetic. It previously had two modifications performed by Charles Bay: an extension (“bis” key) on first finger B, and an improved, more comfortable thumb rest, as seen in the photos.
This R13 plays with a clear, focused tone, and overall has a darker, warmer color. It plays with just the right amount of positive resistance to give the player something to push against. This is a great instrument for the player looking for an R13 on a budget. Comes with two barrels (both measuring 66mm, the original and a Buffet Moennig). It is not in the original case, but does ship in a good case.