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Freshly Repadded Buescher True Tone C Melody Saxophone - Serial # 68572

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Sweet 1920 vintage Buescher True Tone series C Melody sax, serial number 68572. This instrument has just been fully repadded and is in playing condition. 


It's easy to find old C Melody's that don't play, but this one is ready to go. It features gorgeous original silver plate in the 98% range, with only minor wear on a couple touch points. There are no dents or signs of any previous repairs, including to the original neck. Pads are all new, fitted with oversize metal domed resonators.


Despite being just a bit smaller than a Bb tenor, this C Melody has a much different feel and response. It sounds more like a deep alto, while keeping the more open feeling of a tenor. Very easy blowing. You don't see C Melody horns out in the wild much, but it definitely has a home and is a unique piece of saxophone history. This Buescher ships in its original case.