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Freshly Padded Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax w/ American Engraving # 76195

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Product ID: 76195MarkVITenor

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Fresh Overhaul Using Original Selmer Metal Resonators

Here's a real gem for the serious Mark VI lovers out there: this is an original lacquer American engraved Selmer Mark VI tenor dating from 1958, with serial number 76195. This tenor has just come out of our repair shop with a fresh pro overhaul, and is ready to bring years of enjoyment to a new owner.


As you can see in the photos, this horn is a stunner. The original lacquer on the “front” of the horn shows very little wear, just minimal spots here and there, mostly on the usual touch points. There's more wear on the back side of the instrument, from resting against the player during use. It is all legitimate playing wear, as the horn doesn't appear to have ever been abused. There's signs of minor past dent work in the bottom bow near the body tube, and the bell flare was previously bent on one side. These are the only signs of past repair, and there are ZERO resolders to any of the lower body keyguards – very rare! The original neck has the matching serial number. It was only ever-so-slightly pulled down in the past, with minimal lacquer fracturing as seen in the photos. The neck is in great shape, and still has most of the factory paint around the “S” of the octave key.


This tenor came to us on old pads, so we did it up right. Our senior repair tech, George Bunk, completed a full pro overhaul, using premium firm leather pads. The sax still had many of its original screwback metal resonators and those were reused; where they were missing, we substituted nickel domed seamless resos, which have a similar appearance. Key heights and spring tensions have been optimized and the sax feels like a million bucks.


Serial number wise, this horn falls very close to the fabled 80xxx range, and it plays similarly to those great horns. It has a full and slightly spread sound, with a strong foundational core and excellent balance from low Bb up into the altissimo. It certainly takes all of the air you can push through, and even at max volume in the palm keys, its sound stays fat and full, and doesn't sacrifice control. Killer player and a joy to play.