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Free Blowing Player! Vintage Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane Alto Sax, Serial #301973

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Product ID: 301973BuescherTHCAlt


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Top Hat and Cane Alto – Fresh Saxquest Overhaul
This is a very nice vintage Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane alto saxophone, serial number 301973. The alto is the most recent project horn from Saxquest tech Ben Reece. It was recently put through a very thorough overhaul and is now a top notch player. The overhaul included a complete disassemble followed by precise key fitting, regulation and fine tuning. It now shows off a fresh set of Valentino pro pads with the original Buescher snap resonators. This saxophone also has the original amber table key rollers and gold plated springs. 
The Top Hat and Cane model is arguably one of the most free blowing saxophones ever made. This one in particular has a tremendously easy air intake and very minimal amount of resistance.  It plays with a ultra sweet sonic character and can be played with a ton of power if desired. The robust and powerful character of this sax makes it great for anyone in need of something to compete for volume in a funk or brass band situation. 
This saxophone shows the history of a horn that has seen plenty of past play time but is physically in excellent condition and has a great look about it as well. We initially thought this saxophone was original lacquer, however after closer inspection it has in fact been re-lacquered. But it is an excellent example of what a very good old re-lac job looks like. The engraving is very clear across the bell area which is nicely complemented by the proper air bake lacquer and dark honey tint. The current lacquer does show some standard cosmetic play wear but does not show any history of major body repair. Its original neck with under-slung octave key is with the saxophone and is in very good condition. The one mentionable point of repair on the saxophone is a small braze repair on the neck octave key. This repair was professionally performed and is extremely hard to find if you are not looking closely.  (picture ) 
These THC saxophones are super sweet players and are a blast to play. This one was professionally overhauled by Ben in the Saxquest shop. Ben will also look over the horn once more before we ship it to ensure it ships in perfect playing condition.