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Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe Mark IV 078 Hard Rubber for Alto Sax, Serial #22114

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Product ID: 078FGreogMIVAltRB


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Super Deluxe – Custom Made
This is a beautifully crafted Freddie Gregory Super Deluxe Mark IV 078 for alto saxophone, serial number 22114. The mouthpiece is in very good physical condition while showing some typical cosmetic character. Its beak is also protected by a Rico clear patch. The facing profile is also in nice original condition regarding the table, rail and side rails. This mouthpieces inner workings feature a medium chamber with a wide open throat, rounded inner side walls and a steady floor slope leading into the long rolled baffle. 
The Mark IV has a more subdued warm lyrical sound in comparison to many of the ultra hot/bright pieces currently out there. If you are looking for something fantastic as well as very removed from the sound and feel of the Meyer mouthpieces the Mark IV is an ideal choice. Every piece by Freddie Gregory is an example of craftsmanship at its finest.