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Freddie Gregory Super DeLuxe Mark II Custom Marble Hard Rubber 7** for Tenor

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Product ID: FredGregSuperDhr7ssTenTP1


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Mark II - 7**
This is a beautiful hand finished piece by Freddie Gregory in a 7**. 
Super DeLuxe Mark II 7** in Marbled hard rubber. Talk about a real beauty. This mouthpiece shows of intricate construction and features a metal brass shank ring which has been precision fit. Freddie made some very killin pieces and his craftsmanship was always top notch. 
The particular piece is super dark. Its inner chamber is wide open and will take in a ton of air. While it is very much on the dark side of the color spectrum the piece is also very flexible and exudes an impressive clarity in the way it projects. The mouthpiece was professionally played and maintained by the last owner. Its facing profile is in very nice original condition. The tip opening on the mouthpiece measures .108".