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Freddie Gregory DeLuxe 7* Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax #0255– Norbet Satchell Re-Face

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Product ID: 0255FgregDeLuxe7ssTenPC


HELP, I Want One!

Worked on by Norbert Stachel .110”
This is an outstanding player! Freddie Gregory DeLuxe 7* metal for tenor saxophone. These mouthpieces have also been a hot item but are now even harder to come by. This one in particular was re-faced by master mouthpiece tech Norber Satchel. It now measures .110”, this is an 8 in Otto Link measurements. The facing work is top notch and the piece shows off a ultra clean, table, tip and side rails. 
This piece is easily one of the smoothest responding metal mouthpieces in the shop at this time. It is a tremendous player. It gives you the perfect amount of positive resistance to work with allowing for a warm sound with tons of control over sonic coloration and projection. 
Physically the piece is in very nice condition. The outer body does show signs of past used but there is no major wear. The beak and shank are also both in excellent condition. We are listing this piece at a slightly lower price because it is not an original Gregory, but in all honesty the playing characteristics added by Satchel's work is tremendous.