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Frank Kaspar 'Cicero ILL' #13 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bass Clarinet

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Product ID: KasCIL13BassMH


HELP, I Want One!

Kaspar Bass Clarinet
This is an outstanding Frank Kaspar 13 mouthpiece for bass clarinet. The tip opening on the piece measures .071”/ 1.80mm.
The mouthpiece is in excellent condition from top to bottom showing some normal signs of past play time. Its outer body has some light scratching as well as a few marks on the beak. The shank is in great shape with no major wear. This mouthpiece was previously touched up by mouthpiece refacer Richard Hawkins and was more recently worked on by Tim Wright. The profile shows off very clean tip and side rails. 
This is one of the only Kaspar bass pieces we have in the shop. A gorgeous item with a beautiful sound and ultra smooth response.