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Francois Louis Spectruoso Signature T235 SP 'Sphere Chamber' for Tenor Sax

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Product ID: FlouisT235SPTenJJ


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Spectruoso T235 SP
This is a used Francois Louis Spectruoso signature in a T35 SP facing (Sphere). These pieces are all hand finished by Fracois and signed across the table. This one in particular shows some history of play time but is in solid physical condition from top to bottom. You can see some cosmetic wear on the beak from previous teeth placement as well as some blemishing around the table from reed and ligature use. 
This piece features a unique sphere chamber design at its throat, which leads into a bullet chamber shape. Its construction also consists of slanted side walls and a long baffle below the tip rail. This piece plays with a ultra consistent uniform sound across the entire range of the instrument. It is a darker playing mouthpiece. 
The facing on this piece is comparable to a standard 6 opening in Otto Link measurements with a tip size of .090”.