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Fox Renard Model 260 Bassoon, Pro Model Wood Body, Serial #57873

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Product ID: 57873Fox260Bassoon


HELP, I Want One!

Introduced in 2013 and available in early 2014, the new Artist Model 260 was patterned after Fox Model 660. Built of red maple, the Model 260 can produce much of the power, depth and resonance that is characteristic of the Fox professional 600 series bassoons. The Model 260 is recommended for more advanced performers.
Artists model bassoons feature standard German system keywork, which is made of nickel silver with heavy silver plating, nickel silver water tubes that extend into the bore, rollers for right little finger F and A (flat), rollers for left little finger E (flat) and D (flat), and a liner in the wing joint and small bore of the boot.
Additional key work includes; High D and High E keys, a crowned pancake key with right thumb rollers on the B flat and F sharp spatulas, rotating whisper key lock, B flat guard and body lock. The 260 is pitched to A: 440. 
This bassoon also has a modified A key that when pressed closes the whisper key (see picture). This improves the tone and response of the high A. It comes with its original two *CVX* bocals, #2 and #3 in silver plate.
This one has a nice open sound, which really sings in the tenor register. The low end responds quickly, and easily even with heavy articulations. This Bassoon ships in perfect playing condition in red carrying case.