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Florida Vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master 'NO USA' Tenor Sax Mpc - Measures .098

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Product ID: FLLink8TenorMM

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“No USA” Florida vintage metal Otto Link Super Tone Master mouthpiece for the tenor sax. This piece was originally an 8, stamped on the side near the table in small font, but it has been refaced during its life and now measures closer to a 7 at .098”. The work across the tip and rails is good and clean looking, with just a hint of rollover baffle just behind the facing. Work was also done to ensure the table was flat, exposing the bare brass, but the rest of the body still shows its original factory rhodium plating. There's some light cosmetic scratching here and there, but overall excellent physical condition. The original bite plate doesn't show any teeth wear or indents, and there are no major dings to the metal anywhere. Cool old mouthpiece.