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Florida Vintage Otto Link Slant Signature 7* Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax .105

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Product ID: OlinkSlant7sTen71


HELP, I Want One!

Opened to .105 by Eric Falcon
This is a Florida Otto Link Slant Signature 7* mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The mouthpiece was just freshly worked on by Eric Falcon and now measures .105 at its tip opening. Its outer body is in nice shape regarding the beak and shank. The one bummer on this piece is that it did once upon a time have a pick-up in it. This has been repaired the proper way with a flush plug and now is back to true condition and playing great. 
The facing profile on the piece looks great and shows off a ultra clean table with a crisp set of side rails and tip. These pieces shows off a medium/large inner chamber with a wide open throat and very subtle baffle presence below the tip rail. This is a fantastic player with a rich warm sonic character. The pick-up plug repair is keeping the mouthpiece down at a loer price. Do not miss out on this one!