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Florida Otto Link Super Tone Master 'Double Line' Tenor Sax Mpc - TK Custom .112

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This is a Florida vintage metal Otto Link Super Tone Master tenor sax mouthpiece, serial number K70. This is a true “double line” Link from the early Florida days. It's unknown what the piece originally measured, but it has been worked on a few times in its life. Someone stamped it a 10* at one point, but the most recent work was done by Ted Klum, who has it measuring out in the 8 – 8* range at .112”. The mouthpiece has also been replated in silver at some point in its life, and the bite plate replaced. There's some teeth wear on the “newer” bite plate, and finish wear on the table, as seen in the photos. It plays with a warm and edgy sound, and is a good piece for players seeking the Florida Link vibe in the larger 8+ facing.