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Florida 'No USA' Era Otto Link Super Tone Master Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Measures .115

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Product ID: FLLink9STenorMM


HELP, I Want One!

This is a true Florida vintage metal Otto Link tenor saxophone mouthpiece. A no-USA Florida era Super Tone Master, it was originally stamped a 9* out of the factory (still quite large for this era), but has since been dressed down and measures more like an 8* now at .115”. This piece was probably originally rhodium plated, but just about all of the original plating has long since worn off, exposing the bare brass. If you don't have a brass allergy, this won't affect you at all. Cosmetics aside, the piece is in very good physical condition, and it is a big, bold player. If you like a vintage Link in a bigger-than-average facing, this one won't steer you wrong.