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Florida Double Line Otto Link Metal WT Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Sakshama 7 Facing

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Product ID: L45LinkSTM100TenorTG


HELP, I Want One!

This is an early Florida vintage metal Otto Link Super Tone Master mouthpiece for the tenor sax, serial number L45. This piece features the early “double line” design on the shank, and is one of the rarer WT (Wolfe Tanenbaum) stamped pieces. Originally these measured on the slimmer side, but this one has been opened, refaced by Sakshama to a 7 and measuring .100”. There's average finish wear around the body of the mouthpiece, including on the table, tip and rails from Sakshama's work, but overall the piece is in great shape, and this one is a particularly fine player. It takes your air well and offers a sweet semi-dark tone with excellent response.