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First Series Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Sax with Purple Logo Stamping - Serial # 010897

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Product ID: 010897YTS62Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

Recently Repadded by Ken Beason

Saxquest is fortunate to have received a matching pair of original pair of first series, “purple logo” stamped Yamaha 62 horns. Here's the tenor, a YTS-62, with serial number 010897. This tenor is as perfect as I've ever seen a purple logo 62. Despite its age, it shows only surface scratching of the original lacquer, and no real lacquer wear to speak of.


The photos almost don't do this horn justice. It looks fantastic in person, with no dents and no previous repairs, including no resolders. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged. Honestly, it looks like the previous owner only played it with kid gloves.


This tenor was recently completely repadded by Ken Beason, using firm leather pads and oversized, machined brass resonators. It is sealing up perfectly and has a excellent action under your fingers. Sonically, this is an impressive tenor. It plays with the big open feel and fast response you'd expect of a quality pro level Yamaha, but has more color and more depth than I typically find on the newer 62's or Custom Z's. A great all-around horn, it can fit in well in any setting you find yourself. Ships with original purple case, which is also in pristine shape as seen in the photos.