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First Series Yamaha Custom YAS-875 Alto Sax in Original Purple Case - Serial # 003769

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Product ID: 003769Yamaha875Alto


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Ships with Fresh Saxquest Overhaul

Excellent first series Yamaha Custom YAS-875 alto sax in gold lacquer, serial number 003769. The predecessor to the current Custom EX line, this alto is a great all-around sax for players of classical, jazz, rock, or anything else you want to throw at it.


Sonically, I find these early Yamaha Custom horns to have the same tonal characteristics as the current line up, but this horn overall is definitely not as dark as the Custom EX, and it plays very open and responsive. It has a fast, lively response, and excellent articulation and attack.


This horn has been well played by its previous owner, and properly maintained. While it shows mild lacquer wear on the backside of the body tube, and the occasional pencil-point ping from previous run-ins with chairs or stands, it has obviously never been abused. There are major previous repairs and no resolders, and the original Custom M1 neck has never been pulled down. Pads have been replaced as needed over the years, but it had never received a complete repad, so we're going to do this alto up right. We'll take it apart, clean it inside and out, and replace all pads and materials, using original style brown plastic resonators. We'll get this sax back to perfect, factory playing condition, and it will ship with our full one year mechanical warranty.


This alto ships in its original purple Yamaha case, with original case cover as pictured. One handle (the top) is broken, but otherwise case is in great shape.