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First Series Art Deco Engraved Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Sax - Serial # 271216

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Product ID: 271216AristocratTenor


HELP, I Want One!


This is a 1935 vintage Buescher Aristocrat tenor sax, serial number 271216. This first series of Aristocrats featured cool art deco style engraving, and it really pops. This tenor was relacquered long ago, bringing down its price, but it is a dependable horn for the player on a budget.


As you can see in the photos, the refinishing was done well, with no major buffing, and the factory original engraving is still very sharp and detailed. The horn's body is straight and the sax doesn't appear to have ever been abused. It was repadded a number of years ago but hasn't seen much playing since. Amazingly, the sax still retains all of its original Buescher snap-in metal resonators and gold plated Norton springs. All are in great shape. Unfortunately it does not have its original neck, but the current neck is matched well with the sax.


Pads are still in excellent shape, soft and with years of life left in them. The sax could use a good setup, as there are some minor leaks and the action isn't optimal, but it is playing as it sits and is available for a bargain price. It plays with a robust, full sound and offers excellent flexibility. Ships in a sturdy hard case.