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FAT SOUND! Five Digit Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax, Serial #85333

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HELP, I Want One!

Sweet Five Digit Mark VI Tenor! - Gold Plated Neck
This is the perfect tenor for the on the go gigging player! Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 85333. While it is not the prettiest tenor we have in the shop right now it is definitely one of the most powerful. The low end is big and robust and the sonic character stays full into the altissimo register. Its key work feels smooth and easy under the fingers allowing for fast movement. This Mark VI has the fat core sound you would expect from a five digit vintage but it is also noticeably brighter and has more punch then the earlier ones. For this reason these horns are a favorite among commercial musicians.
This tenor was re-lacquered in the past. It was most likely done a very long time ago. The proper type air bake lacquer was used in the process. Its engraving is nice and crisp and has a great look. Like a lot of great vintage tenors this one does have some history of repair. There are a few re-soldered feet to some of the lower key guards and the alternate F# key guard. The neck with the saxophone is a earlier vintage Mark VI neck with serial number 63669. This neck does show the history of past repair and dings. Because it is gold plated it is impossible to tell what exactly was repaired in the past. At this time the neck is in good shape with the right neck angle. The gold plating adds a nice robust and warm quality to the sound. 
The Mark VI came into our on a nice set of premium leather pads and metal Reso Tech resonators. These pads are all in outstanding condition as are the resonators. The saxophone is currently awaiting a professional set-up in the Saxquest shop. Once complete it will be in perfect playing condition. This saxophone does ship with a nice protec contoured case.