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Fantastic Shape Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Alto Sax - Serial # 497999

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Product ID: 497999SelmerSIIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Selmer SII Alto


Excellent condition, original Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II alto saxophone, serial number 497999. This alto has been extremely well cared for and has recently been repadded. It will come to you in perfect adjustment. If you've been eyeing a Selmer Paris but can't swing for the current new pricing, this is the perfect option and will not disappoint.


The serial number on this sax dates it to the early-to-mid 90s, but you'd never guess it by how pretty it is. This alto has 90-95% original lacquer intact; the only real wear is a wear spot on the back side of the bell, from where it may rest against the player during use. It has had a couple tiny chair dings in the bottom bow area, but no serious dents or past damage. The bell flare is perfect as is the bell-to-body brace. Absolutely no resolders anywhere. The original neck once had a ding on one side; this has been corrected, and the neck has never been pulled down.


This alto was recently repadded in another shop, but came to us still needing a good pro set up. We'll do a full disassembly and regulation, optimizing the key heights and spring tensions up and down, and fine tuning the action so that it feels like a brand new horn again. The pads, fitted with brown plastic resonators, will all be checked for proper seals.


The Series II has long been the go-to sax for serious advancing students and professional players alike. It plays with a warm, focused sound, with a strong core and superb intonation. The altissimo pops effortlessly thanks to that strong foundation. This is the perfect sax for the concert band or classical setting, but don't feel like it will pigeon hole you into one genre. With the right mouthpiece, you can take this horn to any gig, and it has a big enough sound to play anything you need. Ships in its original Selmer Vanguard case with leather case cover. The zippers on the cover are in rough shape, but the wood case itself is still perfect.