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Fantastic Price on a Bronze Series Yanagisawa A-992 Alto Sax - Serial # 00312365

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Product ID: 00312365Yani992Alto


HELP, I Want One!

Yanagisawa 992 ALto

This is a bronze series Yanagisawa A-992 professional alto sax, serial number 00312365. This alto has been professionally played but not abused. It shows typical lacquer wear but all purely cosmetic. If you only care about the sound, this alto can be had for a great price.


The bronze Yani horns are the crème de la crème of their lineup, and one of my personal favorites. This alto plays with a rich sound that is unmatched, with a pure tone that is focused and strong. It takes your air very quickly with little resistance, and is extremely free and easy blowing. Very dynamic player and great for classical/concert band work.


Physically, all of the wear on this sax is purely cosmetic. Just lacquer wear mostly on the keys and rods, and a handful of shallow pencil-point pings on the bottom bow and on the neck, from brushing up too hard against chairs or stands. No serious past dent work or repairs, including no resolders, and the neck has never been pulled down. Pads are all in great shape, fitted with metal resonators, with lots of life left in them. The sax will get a fresh pro set up from our shop before shipping, where we'll replace any necessary pads, all material, and perform a fresh adjustment.


If you've been on the hunt for a top tier pro alto at a lower price, you won't be disappointed with this Yani. Ships in its original case.