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Fantastic! P. Mauriat PMB – 301GL Low A Baritone Sax – Demo Model Great Price

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Product ID: PM0151117Pm301GLBar


HELP, I Want One!

PM - 301 Gold Lacquer Low A
This is a very pretty P. Mauriat PMB-301 Low A baritone saxophone, serial number pm0151117. The PMB-301 is an awesome player and ideal for anyone looking for a great versatile baritone for professional work. This one was played at a few music trade shows this past year. It has been played on a number of times but is still in outstanding condition. There is some signs of light play wear like light starches but nothing to serious. There is also one wear spot along the outer bell flare. The P. Mauriat is still a new instrument and is backed by the P. Mauriat manufactures warranty and Saxquest's one year set-up/service warranty. It ships with the original P. Mauriat hard case. 
This instrument features keywork from low A to high F#. The brass body features a higher copper content, which you can see in the color of the horn. This adds a ton of resonance and brilliance throughout all registers of this instrument. It speaks beautifully down to low A with ease, and it plays with a lot of power all the way up it the palm keys and beyond. We have spent a lot of time playing these instruments, and have come to the conclusion that you just can't get a better sax for the money. We played them side by side with many saxes in the shop, including vintage Mark VI's, and came away impressed with their projection, richness of sound, and overall character of tone. Intonation is excellent, and they play with a very warm full sound. 
This baritone is currently in the Saxquest repair shop awaiting a professional set-up. Saxophone ships in perfect playing condition with the P. Mauriat hard case.