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Fantastic Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax - Serial # 112975

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Product ID: 112975MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

To be fully repadded before shipping

This is a clean, original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto sax, serial number 112975. The serial number dates this alto to 1964, and despite its age, it is in great overall condition. It is due to be completely repadded in the Saxquest repair shop, and will ship in all new pads, backed by our shop warranty.


This alto looks great. The original lacquer shows excellent coverage, with typical wear from honest playing, such as scratching and whatnot. A couple previous repairs include the tube-to-bottom bow, which has been resoldered, and some past dent work under the top post of the low C/Eb assembly. No other dent work of note. The original neck has never been pulled down, and it has the matching serial number stamped in it.


This alto came to us in a mis-match of pads and resonators, and actually sealing pretty well, but we decided to do this alto right. We will completely disassemble and clean the alto, replacing all pads and material along the way. We'll optimize the key heights and spring tensions for an optimal feel and response. The plan is to use original style brown plastic resonators, but if you buy it before we finish the job, you can choose a different reso.


This is a particularly resonant alto, with a pure, singing quality to its tone. It plays comfortably with an easy, free blowing response, and takes your air quickly. A very happening alto for jazz players, but it will do any genre with relative ease. A fun horn to play.