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FANTASTIC Original Lacquer Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone - Serial # 295709

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Our Price: $ 2,500.00

Product ID: 295709Conn6MVIII

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Conn 6M 'Naked Lady'

Absolutely stunning original lacquer CG Conn 6M alto sax, serial number 295709. This “naked lady” engraved alto has the VIII stamping on the horn and original neck. I still don't know what that means exactly, but every 6M VIII I've ever played was a notch above the rest, and this alto is a great player.


This 6M looks incredible. It has 99% original lacquer intact, with only minor scratching around the octave key and a few touch points. There is one ever-so-slight bump right on the bottom bow cap, but no major past damages and no prior repairs. This includes no resolders. The neck is flawless, with double docket receiver, underslung octave key, and microtuner mechanism, which spins freely. This alto features rolled tone holes (never filed on), and pads are in excellent shape, fitted with oversized slightly domed metal resonators. We'll give the sax a quick check before shipping to make sure everything is sealing well before it goes out.


This alto is a free blowing beast. It takes all of your air as fast as you can move it, and responds lightning fast with a huge, big sound. Fat and full from low Bb up into the palm keys, and never quits. A fine saxophone for players and collectors alike. Ships in a vintage hard case.