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Falcon Woodwinds - 'Florida' Hand Crafted Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone .105

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Florida – By Falcon Woodwinds
This the “Florida” for tenor saxophone by Falcon Woodwinds in an 8 facing. Saxquest just received this piece from Mr. Falcon and have been totally blown away with how it plays. It has a smooth and easy response to air flow and does not suffer from any heavy back pressure often associated with Super Tone Masters. This one in particular measures .105”. 
The Falcon Woodwinds Florida model is a high precision replica of a Florida era Link.
Using CT scanning and state of the art cnc machining we set out to recreate every detail and nuance of the best playing vintage Florida era metal Link we had ever experienced. After each piece is machined it is handcrafted and play tested against the original to ensure consistency and flawless performance.
-Eric Falcon
Saxquest is happy to present a crisp new piece from Falcon Woodwinds. For more videos of this piece please check out our youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ4mF_v8a0c
If you have any questions about this mouthpiece or any of the Falcon Winds products please send us a product question or an e-mail directly to zac@saxquest.com