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Exquisite Vintage Conn 30M 'Connqueror' Series Tenor Sax - Serial # 300177

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Product ID: 300177Conn30M


HELP, I Want One!

This is an exquisite CG Conn 30M “Connqueror” tenor sax, serial number 300177. We got this horn as an original lacquer horn, but upon close examination, I think it is actually a very good factory relac, maybe the best I've ever seen. There are no lacquer runs, no signs of buffing, and the factory engraving is absolutely perfect.


The 30M was arguably the best the tenor Conn ever made. It features sterling silver key touches, the iconic “naked lady” engraving on the bell, trill G#, improved table cluster, and a unique octave key design on the neck. It's a fantastic horn all around and the epitome of quality from one of the best American sax manufacturers.


Physically, the horn looks great. It has normal wear and tear from regular use once upon a time, but it has now been stored away in a case for awhile. There's some minor dings that we'll remove in our overhaul, but no signs of past major dent work or repair. The rolled tone holes are also in stellar shape. The original neck has previously been slightly pulled down, but this too will be correct in our repair shop. Our overhaul will include all new pads (matching seamless metal resonators), new material, and a fresh set up. We'll even out the spring tensions and set the key heights to a medium-open feel, precisely as a Conn from this vintage should feel.


As stated, this horn currently has old pads, and as such, it is in line for a full restoration from our repair shop. All that work is included in the price, and once complete, this Conn will be playing better than the day it left the factory in 1941. If you haven't played a professionally adjusted 30M before, you are missing out. It feels fluid and “buttery” under your fingers, and sonically, it is as big and powerful as you need it to be, without losing the warmth and color you can expect from a vintage Conn. A big, spread sound with a lot of “oomph” behind it. Great all-around tenor with looks to kill.