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Exquisite Condition Yanagisawa Curved Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 00113619

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Product ID: 00113619YaniSop


HELP, I Want One!

This is an early 80s vintage Yanagisawa 800 series curved soprano sax, serial number 00113619. This horn is in tremendous shape for its age. It features the Mark VI style table and palm keys (the straight Yani sopranos of this era are very much a copy of the Mark VI), and it is a sweet little player for lovers of the curved soprano.


I don't know that this soprano has ever seen a lot of playing in its entire life. The original lacquer is a solid 98% intact, with no major wear to speak of. There are no dents or resolders, no evident repairs. The sax features a detachable curved neck (also in stellar shape) and keywork to high F#.


Also despite its age, pads are for the most part still in great shape. The sax will get a fresh adjustment from our shop before shipping, where we'll replace some aging pads in the upper stack as well as all of the key adjustment material (corks and felts). We'll optimize springs and key heights and ensure it is in perfect playing shape when it goes out.


This soprano is very free blowing and plays with a clear, precise attack, offering the player excellent control. I've always been partial to curved sopranos myself, I just think they sound more comparable to an alto in voicing, and this one is no exception. It is a sweet little player and fun to play. Ships in a good hard case, which isn't the prettiest cosmetically, but is still in perfect working order.