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Exquisite Condition Vintage Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax #68230 FIVE-DIGIT SERIAL

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Original Lacquer - Fantastic Condition Mark VI
Pictured above is a beautiful, original lacquer, 1957 Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number #68230. Mark VIs are known far and wide by saxophonists across the globe for their sought after tone, aesthetics, nostalgia, and collector's value. Since the model began its run in 1954, jazz musicians have made this model their ally because of its balanced, focused, warm tone and solid intonation.
Mark VIs come standard with key work down to Bb up to palm F with a front F mechanism to extend the range to the altissimo. The key touches for the upper and lower stacks are real mother-of-pearl, and the keys are driven by blued steel needle springs. The side keys feature a pin and loop mechanism, as selmer had not yet switched to the nickel silver ball mechanism. Long rods for high E and the G key are made of nickel silver to help protect their structure and shape and have their lacquer retained still! The Selmer scroll-style bands connect the body, bow, and bell. 
The engraving on the bell and bow are still in great condition as this horn is still in its original gorgeous lacquer with wear showing in small amounts across the horn. There are, thankfully, no resolders to be found. No dents either, just lacquer wear.
This horn is playing decently on old pads, but Saxquest currently has it lined up to receive a set-up to replace a few of the pads, corks, felts, and any other anti-friction measures. Sonically, this particular Mark VI plays dark and focused.
This horn will ship with an aftermarket Selmer box case and its original neck.