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Excellent P. Mauriat 67RDK Dark Lacquer Alto Sax, Serial Number PM0814807

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Product ID: 0814807PM67RAlto


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Great P. Mauriat 67R Dark Matte Lacquer
This is a P. Mauriat 67RDK alto sax, serial number PM0814807 that has great key work with responsive action. The palm keys are spread to fit to the players hand providing quick access. The horn does show some cosmetic wear, most on the octave key, but nothing affecting play-ability.
Overall the 67R is a dark horn. It has a larger bell and rolled tone holes. The rolled tone holes, which increase resonance and darken the sound, adding to the horns richness. The response makes the horn even more enjoyable to play making technical passages smooth. This saxophone does include the professional set-up from the Saxquest shop and ships in perfect playing condition with contoured case.
As a used horn, This P. Mauriat is a great buy, comparable to a new one at a much better price.