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Excellent Original Lacquer THE MARTIN TENOR Saxophone - Serial # 153672

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Product ID: 153672MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a 1945 vintage “The Martin Tenor” tenor sax, serial number 153672. Officially designed the Committee III by Martin, everyone knows them by the name engraved on the bell. This example is in fantastic original condition.
The original lacquer on this tenor is in the 85-90% range. This horn does have some history of past repair and solder work. There's a re-soldered post down there, the lower post of the low C/Eb key assembly. There is also a re-solder repair to the post holding the G key. At some point in the past there was also some repair performed around the outer bell flare. Aside from the mentioned repair the body of the sax is in nice condition and shows off a pretty clean original lacquer finish. The saxophone is with the original neck which shows a matching serial number stamp. The neck has also had some past repair including a re-solder of the octave pip. There is currently a few smaller dings on the neck but it does not look like it has ever been pulled down. 
This tenor came into our shop playing with a big free blowing sound on an older re-pad. The pads are a set of standard grade leather pads and S80 style metal resonators. In order to keep the price for this tenor on the lower side we will not be performing a complete set-up on this tenor. But we will give it a good play test and a few hours at the bench in order to make sure it is perfectly sealing up with its current set of pads. 
These old Martins have a vocal fan base, and playing this tenor, it is easy to see why. It takes your air comfortably without a lot of resistance, and responds lightning fast to changes in air or embouchure. Very versatile player all around; it can do anything from soft and lush to bold and brash. It's a whole lot of tenor for the price!