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Excellent Condition Yanagisawa 990u Tenor Saxophone #00193823

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Product ID: 00193823Yani990Tenor


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Yanagisawa 990U Tenor Sax
This is a Yanagisawa T-990U tenor saxophone in original lacquer.  As the photos tell this horn obviously hasn't seen much play time through its life and is in exceptional physical condition. There is absolutely no history of repair to this instrument and save for a few scratches here and there absolutely no damage to the body or original neck.  
These Yani instruments have been gaining in popularity for players looking for a more in-tune, less maintenance option to a vintage saxophone.  This horn could be considered mildly on the brighter side of the sonic spectrum but should not be considered overly bright. This horn came to us playing up a storm on its original factory setup but it was starting to feel a little worn.  We went through this horn and gave it a fresh Saxquest setup. We replaced all of the factory key adjustment corks and felts, evened spring tensions for a quick feel, and optimized key heights up and down. It is playing better than the day it leff the factory! Ships out in a good hard case.