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Excellent Condition Yanagisawa 901 Alto #00303854 - Includes Saxquest Setup

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Product ID: 00303854YaniAlto


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Yanagisawa 901 Alto Sax
This is an exceptional condition Yanagisawa 901 alto in gold lacquer #00303854.  As the photos tell this horn hasn't seen much play time in the past and shows only modest lacquer wear to the neck strap ring and to the thumb hook.  Outside of this, the horn has never seen any resolders nor any dent work. There are miscellaneous scratches here and there from honest use but nothing serious at all.  The bell flare and bow cap are in pristine condition, there is just one small ping to the bell flare that was previously corrected well. The original neck is also with this horn and is in excellent condition and has never been pulled down.  
This alto plays with a very organic response and a full centered tone.   These Yanagisawa altos are a favorite among the classical saxophone community and for good reason.  The response is exceptional and the intonation is great without ever making you feel like you’re fighting against the instrument. This horn would do well in any setting because of its range of tonal color. The sound is very focused and efficient and allows you the freedom to shape your phrases however you'd like.  
This alto came to us playing well on pads with a lot of life left on them.  The setup, however, was compressed and feeling worn out. We are going to do it up right in our shop and include a full Saxquest professional setup on this horn.  We will go through the horn and replace all the regulatory materials with synthetics. By the time it arrives to you it will be playing like a new horn! Ships out in its original Yanagisawa case.