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Excellent Condition Maple Tárogató with Professional Mouthpiece

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Product ID: MapleTarogato


HELP, I Want One!

This is an excellent condition maple body tárogató. The tárogató traces its roots to Hungarian and Romanian folk music. It looks like a large clarinet but has a conical bore like that of a saxophone. It is played with a single reed woodwind mouthpiece similar to a soprano sax mouthpiece. The instrument is in Bb.

Being a traditional folk instrument means that there are lots of less-quality tárogató makers out there. Finding a high-end tárogató made by a quality maker is rare. This particular instrument is most definitely a high-end performance tárogató. It is sold with an excellent hand-crafted tárogató mouthpiece. 

This tárogató is in excellent condition, with newer pads. It has "full" (Stowasser) system keywork. The keywork shows mild finish wear, but no previous damages or repairs. I see no cracks to the body or original bell. Everything is in great shape. This tárogató seems to be playing well (though none of us here are expert players on the instrument!). It ships in a converted briefcase which protects the instrument well.

We are excited to offer this one in fantastic shape. A great find for serious collectors.