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Excellent Condition Early Series CG Conn 6M VIII 'Naked Lady' Alto Sax - Serial # 281524

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Product ID: 281524Conn6MAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a recently overhauled, 1937 vintage Conn 6M alto sax with the VIII stamping, serial number 281524. This horn has all the great features of an early 6M: rolled tone holes, trill G#, improved table keys, double socket microtuner neck with underslung octave key, and of course, that iconic naked lady engraved on the bell.


This alto shows a fair amount of lacquer wear, but the horn has obviously never been abused. The neckstrap ring was moved for better comfort/playing position, but there are no other obvious resolders or previous repairs. The horn has been played, but well cared for. The neck is the original, and shares the VIII stamping. This alto was recently overhauled by a top tech in the KC area, and has all new pads (flat metal resonators) and material.


It's sort of an urban legend that the VIII stamped horns always play better, and it's hard to argue that against this particular alto. It plays with a full, powerful voice, bit fat spread to its sound, and retains a lot of warmth and color in its tone. You can push it hard or dial it back equally with ease. Very fun sax to play, and at a great price.