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Excellent Condition Buffet Paris Pre-R13 Bb Clarinet at a Great Price! - Serial # 44399

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This is an early, pre-R13 series Buffet Crampon Paris clarinet in Bb, serial number 44399. This instrument was produced just before the introduction of the R13 and shares many characteristics with that famous model. It has just been repadded in our shop by our pro clarinet tech and comes to you in all new pads and material, precisely adjusted and ready to go.


One of the great things about these old Buffet clarinets is the wood is extremely dense and hard. In fact, despite its age, I see just one previous crack repair. However, the work was done so well that, while I can see 1 pin, I see no evidence of the crack itself. It has been completely sealed and looks perfect. The only other previous repair is some minor work on the top joint just above the tenon, where it looks like a tiny previous chip in the wood was filled in (the tenon itself is perfect).


Audrey Denney repadded this clarinet in our shop, using professional Valentino Master pads and tech cork, for an optimal feel and response. It feels like butter under your fingers; you'd never guess its age by playing it. Sonically, it definitely has a warmer sound, but is overall maybe just a bit more spread than your more clarinet. Thus, I think it would make for a great clarinet for jazz, or students looking to get a professional grenadilla wood Buffet at a low price. Ships in a modern Buffet case as pictured, with original bell and 66mm barrel.