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Excellent Condition Beginner Level Buescher Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 525671

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Product ID: 525671BuescherTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a later vintage Buescher Tenor Sax, serial number 525671. This is a quality student model horn, which is currently in our shop for a fresh repad. It will ship with all new pads and material, backed by our full one year mechanical warranty.


The original lacquer on this tenor is a solid 90-95% intact, with only minor wear from light use. There's some minor past dent work in the bottom bow and bell flare, but no major past repairs or damage, including no resoldered joints. The original neck has never been damaged. The sax had old pads when we received it, so it will get a full repad before shipping. All work to get the sax back in perfect playing shape is included in the price.


If you've been wanting to pick up the saxophone as a beginner, or if you need a dependable horn to use as a second tenor or back-up, this vintage Buescher won't disappoint. It ships in a hard case.