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Excellent '63 Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Bari Sax with Low A - Serial # 104779

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Product ID: 104779MarkVIBari


HELP, I Want One!

This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI bari sax with keywork to low A, serial number 104779. This horn dates to 1963, but you'd never know based on its amazing condition. It has been well cared (or more likely, not played a whole bunch) and is ready to go to a new home for a player to enjoy.


This bari features extensive American style engraving all the way down the bell, and a darker lacquer color as you'd expect from this era. The original lacquer stands solid in that 85-90% range, showing excellent coverage throughout. Most of the isolated lacquer wear is found on the usual touch points, and on the back of the tube and bell, where it may rest against the player during use. Amazingly, this horn shows very little previous repairs, almost unheard of in a 60's vintage Mark VI. The bell flare was previously bent in a couple spots, but that's about the only repair that I can see. There are a couple tiny dings here and there, but no serious past trauma, and no resoldered joints. The neck is original with matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down.


This horn came to us in nearly all original pads, with only a couple replaced over the years to keep it playing. As such, we are going to do this one right. We'll take it apart, clean it inside and out, and replace all pads and material. A Mark VI of this era originally had brown plastic resonators, but we'll probably go with seamless metal resonators to give it just a little more pop. We'll also replace all key adjustment corks and felts, and thoroughly adjust the horn top to bottom.


This Mark VI plays with a solid focused core sound, with a lot of depth and color. The bottom end just wails. This is a remarkable horn in both looks and sound, and will not disappoint! Ships in a very protective hard shell modern GL case.