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Exceedingly Rare ORIGINAL LACQUER Selmer Paris Super Series Tenor Sax - Serial # 17155

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Product ID: 17155SelmerTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Very rare, original lacquer Selmer Paris “Super Series” tenor saxophone, serial number 17155. This horn was produced in that short window between the Cigar Cutter and the Radio Improved, released in 1933. Amazing, this tenor is in original lacquer, which is practically unheard of for a Selmer of this vintage. It is exceedingly rare to find these old Supers in original finish.


For a horn that is approaching 100 years old, this tenor looks very good. The original lacquer shows a moderate amount of lacquer wear, but has overall excellent coverage, as seen in the photos. There's some evidence of prior dent work in the bottom bow, and on the original neck, which was previously pulled down and later brought back to proper position. All of the repair was was done well. There's a couple resolders: the neck receiver at the top of the horn, and one side of the bell-to-body brace, on the body tube side. The bell doesn't appear to have ever been pushed into the tube though, and the body is straight, as is the bell flare, which has never been bent.


This tenor has like-new pads, with a set of machined oversized flat metal screwback resonators, either Resotech or TM Custom, something like that. Everything is sealing well and the sax is playing great. We will give it a once-over in our shop before shipping, just to make sure there are no surprises. This tenor plays with a more spread sound than what you may be used to if you've only played modern Selmers. It is sort of a cross between an old Conn and a Selmer, with a freer response and more open feeling, but it retains that famous Selmer core.