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Eric Falcon Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece 0.088inch/2.23mm

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Meyer Like - Big Powerful Sound!
Here is a hard rubber mouthpiece for alto saxophone designed and finished by Eric Falcon with a tip opening of 0.088 inch/2.23 mm. This piece is unassuming as it has no branding besides the hand engraved nomenclature on the side of the body. Physically this piece has very few blemishes as it looks to have not been used much, no marks on the beak and a few nicks on the edge of the tip but not in a way that affects the playability. The side rails, rail tip, and table are in all great condition aside from that blemish.
The engravings denote the date of completion, the refacer, the facing curve length, and the current tip opening. These are very helpful measurements as facing curve can affect the response of a particular strength of reed, as well as help with articulation and response.
Looking internally you will find a small roll-tip, predominantly flat, baffle with a squared-shaped bullet chamber design, the rails are a standard medium thickness, and the sidewalls are flat. Sonically, this piece plays with a huge sound across all registers, a medium or medium soft reed works perfectly with this piece. Players looking for a wide open, powerful alto sound without becoming shrill or piercing would enjoy playing this Eric Falcon piece.