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Early Vintage The Martin Band Inst. Matte Silver Tenor Sax, Serial #23552

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Pre Handcraft Vintage The Martin Band Inst.
This is a super early Martin tenor saxophone in beat blasted silver finish from 1921, serial number 23552. It is a beautiful example of an early Martin tenor. The construction features soldered straight tone holes, trill G# and a beautiful silver finish with gold wash bell. It predates having key pearls as well as the beveled tone holes which where standard on the later vintage “Handcraft” models. This one in particular also has tone holes with flanges on the bell keys C,Eb, B, Bb and C#. 
The tenor is in great physical condition and is quite striking showing off its silver and gold finish. This saxophone looks like it was restored not too long ago with leather pads and metal domed resonators. All of the pads are in good shape and do not look like they have seen to much play time. One major point to note on this tenor is the palm D adjustment rod is missing half of the screw head and is currently stuck on the inside of the key. Because of this the D key is not functioning 100%. But despite the issue with the D key you can currently play this saxophone down to low Bb with some added effort. 
This saxophone is now over 100 years old. Because of the age and rare nature of this saxophone this is a instrument more ideal for the avid Martin collector. It is not recommended for professional use or for the use of a student saxophone player.  
This saxophone ships out in a is condition with a nice but non original wood box case.