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Early Vintage Selmer New York Tenor Saxophone, Serial #51600

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Product ID: 51600SelmNYTen

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Early True-tone Stencil!
Here we have a Selmer New York low-pitch tenor saxophone in gold lacquer with serial number #51600; this is a Buescher True-Tone stencil that has been re-lacquered. This saxophone still plays, from low Bb up to palm F with relative ease. This early True-Tone stencil features a 'back door Eb' trill fingering, this alternate fingering releases the E key whilst holding the full D fingering. A second unique fingering feature is the alternate G# trill found between the F and E tone holes. This saxophone does not feature a front F mechanism but retains all the features of a True-Tone by Buescher.
Physically this saxophone is in decent shape. It has signs of lacquer wear around the bell and back of the body, but only minor dents around the saxophone. There have been signs of dent removal around the bell and bow of the horn, the neck has been pulled down slightly from use. There are no signs of any major re-solders on this horn. The original engraving is still visible after the relacquer.