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EARLY Vintage Selmer Bundy Tenor Sax # 28251 Aristocrat Stencil!

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Dark Centered Tone - Buescher Body Tube!
Pictured above is a Selmer Bundy tenor saxophone in original gold lacquer, serial number #28251. Now this is not just any old student Bundy, this is the first series of the model after Selmer bought out Buescher in the 1960s meaning, this is actually a Buescher Aristocrat stencil! These Bundy models share more features with the Aristocrat model than not, a different rocker for the F# key, smaller G# key, a few different side keys, blued steel needle springs, new key guards, and an ornate engraving down the front of the bell.
Physically this tenor is beautiful, hardly any lacquer wear to be found, only a few dings in the bow, no resolders, and the materials have been installed in recent years. The horn plays but has a number of leaks and regulations that need to be addressed, so we are going to offer it in as-is condition for a reduced price.
Sonically these horns play identically to the Buescher Aristocrat of the 1960s, playing with a dark, complex, focused tone. These horns have a free blowing quality and a big sound, players looking for a dark playing American made horn will enjoy this offer.
This horn ships in a box case capable of holding a horn with left side bell keys.