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Early Vintage CG Conn New York 'Wonder Improved' Alto Sax w/ Double 8ve Keys - Serial # 4580

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Product ID: 4580ConnAlto

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A Great Collector's Piece

This is a very rare, early New York vintage C.G. Conn Wonder Improved model alto sax, serial number 4580. This sax dates to the turn of the century, 1901 to be exact, in the early days of the Conn company. It is a true collector's piece, and is in fantastic condition.


What makes this sax so cool, besides being over 100 years old, is the double octave keys. Obviously modern players are used to the one octave key mechanism that automatically opens and closes the octave vents on the body tube and neck as needed, but on the old saxes, you had to do it yourself! One octave key is pressed for notes between middle D and G# just above the staff, but once you get above that A you need to switch over to the other octave key.


This sax was most likely originally bare brass, and was later silver plated to add protection. It features heavy silver plating throughout, with gold wash inside the bell. The neck is original and in great shape. It was repadded somewhat recently, but pads are not sealing well and would need adjustment to be put in proper playing shape. Originally this sax did not have pearls, just metal key touches, but someone previously did glue pearls on top of the key touches. These can be easily removed if you desire.


A very fine saxophone that is a must for any die hard collector and vintage saxophone lover. Ships in a hard case.