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Early Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II 'Chu Berry' Tenor in Satin Silver - Serial #154172

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Powerful Horn - Gorgeous Satin Silver
Pictured above is a beautiful silver Conn New Wonder II 'Chu Berry' tenor sax, serial #154172. The 'Chu Berry' model ran from 1925-1931 and then began the transitional period leading to the release of the famed 'M' series. These horns have amazing free blowing potential paired with a full, powerful tone.
The 'Chu Berry' comes with some signature features, nail file G#, rolled tone holes, split bell keys, and full key work from Bb up to palm f driven by blued steel needle springs. Luckily this horn was manufactured with standard, for the time, alternate trill keys for D#, G#, and a front F mechanism for alternate palm fingerings and altissimo. This particular one has an aftermarket brushed silver finish which gives off a bright white aura, and keys plated in burnished silver, with a gold wash in the bell. The silver is starting to tarnish but could easily be shined up like new again.
The aesthetic of this horn goes deeper yet, the pads are as white as the silver plating on the body with metal domed resonators! These pads are a couple years old and seem to have lots of life left in them because this horn is playing, with a few leaks, for now. It could use a set-up to address some regulation issues and replace corks and felts.
It does not appear this horn has had much work done to it in the past, the body tube, bow, and bell are nicely rounded, and no indentations are showing. The neck doesn't even have any pull-down evident! 
Sonically this horn has probably the most free blowing feel to it, seriously no resistance, just cooperation with your airflow. The tone is magnificent, full and strong from the bottom till the palm keys, then extra brilliance begins to appear and increase with range and volume! Intonation on this horn is fairly flexible with the larger bore, so mind your embouchure and air-support while getting acquainted with this Chu.
This horn needs some minor regulation, so we are going to offer it at a reduced cost, if you would like to add a set-up, or any kind of repair work to your purchase of this horn please inquire with mike@saxquest.com. This horn ships with its original con box case with purple lined interior and its original neck.