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Early Vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder Curved Soprano Saxophone, Serial #61889

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Silver Plated Conn Curved Soprano – Keyed to High F
This is an early vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder curved soprano saxophone, serial number 61889. The saxophone dates all the way back to 1920. The body of the sax is in very nice condition over all, not to shabby for something 100 years old. It does show off rolled tone holes, key work to high F, alt F# and a back door Eb key. The Conn engraving on the bell areas is still nice and crisp. This saxophone also features gold wash around the inner bell flare.
The body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and bell flare are all in nice original condition. All of the key work including the posts in key guards are in nice shape as well. Looking over the sax very carefully the only major point of wear is a very slight pull down to the neck. One side of the octave key saddle also looks like it is every so slightly pushed in. 
The age of this saxophone definitely makes it a strong candidate for a serious collector. It also has many or the original factory white pads. At some point, most likely a very long time ago some one did some service work to this sax and changed out some of the pads and tried to clean it up with silver polish. Currently all of the key work is free and moves easy, nothing is frozen in place. In order to offer this saxophone at a lower price we are selling it in as is condition. It will need to be restored before it is in any condition to play. This could be a great project horn if you know a tech or are looking for an at home repair item. 
Ships in vintage wood hard case. Please send us in a project question if you have any questions.